Beach Street is pioneering a new segment – barefoot lifestyle destinations and resorts anchored by man-made surfing lagoons. These lagoons provide ocean-like waves and a surfing experience that often rivals the ocean. There are three forces coming together to create this opportunity.

  • Revolutionary wave-generating technology is finally making a man-made wave that replicates and improves on the ocean experience for both beginning and experienced surfers.
  • Beach Street has brought together a team of professionals with deep industry experience in surf, wave parks, real estate and leisure destination resort operations to envision and create this segment.
  • A market for multi-generational vacation destination centered around surfing and aquatic activities rather than golf or winter sports has created a viable demand for this new industry.

The Right Technology

Surfers have always traveled the globe chasing epic and uncrowded waves. And as the search intensified, so too did the dreams of harnessing technology to create perfect waves on demand. After four decades of learning, only in the past few years has technology successfully replicated the ocean experience. Man-made waves can now challenge the best surfers and also comfort and welcome beginners.

The Right Team

Creating an entirely new industry requires experience, vision and authenticity. The Beach Street team has over 50 years of combined experience in surf technology, real estate development, project finance and surf basin operations. We are uniquely qualified to lead efforts to develop projects of this scale and we have hands-on experience designing, building and operating similar projects in both surf and other industries. We also have the vision to create truly authentic surf experiences based on a lifetime of surf trips around the globe. The surf parks and wave pools of the past failed to understand the difference between an amusement park and a surf destination. The Beach Street team is comprised of lifelong surfers whose desire to build better waves comes from a lifetime of chasing surf. We are our own customers and truly understand what makes a memorable surfing experience. Meet the team

The Right Time

Surfing is on the rise. Studies identify it as one of the top aspirational activities. Surfing is healthy and outdoors and is an activity that resists age – it is truly multi-generational. Similar to skiing, a day at the beach or a week-long surf trip provides benefits well beyond a generic vacation. And until now, surfing has generally been out of reach for all but a small handful of surfers fortunate to live in coastal communities. It has also been a business model limited to clothes, hard goods, and niche travel experiences. Beach Street Development provides an opportunity to expand the model to real estate development. As world-class surfing destinations are built inland, a new class of real estate is emerging.