• Founder of NLand, the first surf park in North America
  • Former vice president of CoorsTex
  • CEO of Edel Golf

Doug Coors, an engineer by training and a surfer by passion, is known for being a pioneer in the surf park industry by creating NLand, the first public surf park in North America.

The Coors family is globally recognized for their iconic beverage line, however shortly after graduating from the Colorado School of Mines, Doug utilized his engineering degree working on government contracts for research and development at Golden Technologies. It was around the same time Doug first began surfing and quickly began engineering a system that could create surfable waves.

For almost twenty years, while ascending to Vice President of CoorsTek, Doug quietly tinkered with ideas and designs, perfecting his plan to some day make man-made waves. In 2013, Doug decided to build the world’s largest man-made surf lagoon utilizing Wavegarden’s hydrofoil technology, which was not all that different from Doug’s original designs.

NLand Surf Park first opened in 2015, and continued to offer waves to the public until selling the site to the World Surf League at the end of the 2018 season. This unique experience taught Doug valuable lessons in everything from complex real estate development and water treatment to politics and destination operations. Doug’s unique experience at NLand led him to becoming an expert on all things Surf Park related, overcoming obstacles he never expected.

Today, Doug is retired from his family business and serves in various advisory roles for a broad range of industries. Doug’s values emanate from his strong family influences like being a good steward of the environment and that giving to others is what truly brings happiness and success.