Author: Mark Provost

August 01, 2023

Tag, Media

Beach Street Rides the Wave of Innovation at the 10th Surf Park Summit

The surf's up and the excitement is building as surf park enthusiasts from around the globe gear up for the 10th annual Surf Park Summit in beautiful San Diego, California. If you're involved in the world of surf park development, operation, or enabling their success, this event is an absolute must-attend. It's where the latest trends, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative ideas converge, all with one common goal in mind: to make more surf parks happen, faster.

A Decade of Surf Park Excellence

A decade of making waves—yes, you read that right! The Surf Park Summit is celebrating its 10th year, and it's grown into a legendary gathering. Each year, it draws together industry leaders, visionaries, and passionate surf park advocates from over 250 companies, representing a staggering 100+ surf park projects worldwide.

Beach Street: Leading the Way

This year, we are thrilled to have the spotlight shine on Beach Street in a number of different sessions we are actively participating and presenting in at this year's summit. It's an honor to be involved and we're excited to share our unique insights on key topics that are central to developing and operating a successful surf park.

Doug Sheres: Unveiling Finance Strategies

Attendees will have the incredible opportunity to learn from Doug Sheers, the co-founder and partner at Beach Street. He'll be sharing some of the industry's best strategies and practices for securing finance and investment. In a world where the surf park landscape is rapidly evolving, Doug's insights are pure gold for those looking to navigate the financial waters successfully.

Blake Hess: Mastering Surf Park Operations

Blake Hess, COO at Beach Street, is a pioneer in the action sports industry. Known for transforming surf parks into thriving global ventures, he'll be leading the audience through the intricacies of operating a surf park. Blake's hard-won practical insights and key learnings will equip developers and investors with the tools needed to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and contribute to the industry's unprecedented growth.

Connections:  Gaining Access to Insights and Knowledge  

The Surf Park Summit is not just about Beach Street; it's about tapping into the collective wisdom of industry experts and global leaders. With over 250 companies represented and 100+ surf park projects underway, particpants will be surrounded by inspiration and innovation.

The Beach Street team is looking forward to another exhilarating event this year and eagerly anticipates reconnecting with old friends while making new ones. The Surf Park Summit 2023 promises to be an unforgettable experience.

For more information on the Surf Park Summit, including registration details, visit Surf Park Central's Insider. Dive deep into the future of surf parks, and let's ride the wave of innovation together!