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Beach Street is combining the latest in surf lagoon technology with an authentic beach experience to produce a new segment in real estate and destination resort experiences.

“Wave Pools” Legacy

Wave “pools” date back to the 1960’s and iterations of that technology found their way into amusement parks and family hotels across the country. Although some of these were marketed as wave pools for surfing, they didn’t work well and left a stigma the industry is still working to overcome.

The 1990s and 2000s saw the development of sheet waves, featuring sheets of water flowing over angled surfaces to create a “wave” that provided an experience similar to skimboarding. Sheet waves and the more recently-developed deeper water standing waves are now fixtures at malls, water parks, and cruise ships around the world, but they are not ocean-like waves.

The Latest in World-Class Wave Technology

In 2019 Wavegarden created a breakthrough with the launch of two new facilities operating their Wavegarden Cove technology.

This new style of surf lagoon creates a wave that closely mimics the best ocean breaks.  And importantly, the Cove produces enough waves for guests and at a low enough cost to operate profitably. 

The Wavegarden Cove has been deployed overseas and Beach Street is bringing this tech along with related resort and real estate development to North America. Given our background and experience, Beach Street is well-positioned to develop, deliver, and operate exciting surf lagoon anchored projects through the United States..