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Culture and Community

We understand that surfing is culture and community. The Beach Street team comes from the surf community and understands the surf culture. Our goal isn’t to build Disneyland, that’s not what surfing is about. We are creating an authentic surf experience that will be understood by those who already participate in our sport and valued by those who want to learn it. We are, in our hearts, watermen – people who love the ocean and our planet and who want to protect those precious resources. That commitment is part of our DNA and integral to all of our projects.

Environmentally-Responsible Design

Our leadership has a long and successful track record as stewards of the ocean and the environment and we have brought that passion to our surf lagoon development and operations. Our projects use water and rely on energy to create waves but that can be done in a way that minimizes impact – sometimes down to zero net use. We tackle resource consumption through recycling, solar power and our Turf For Surf program (a program that removes water-intensive golf course or other grass and landscaped areas in order to offset the water we use in our lagoons). Our efforts to minimize our impact are evident in the buildings we design, the facilities we operate and the communities we build. Our projects seek to deploy best practices in water conservation, energy efficiency, recycling and land use impact mitigation.