Detailed Scope of Services:

  • Program Planning: Confirm and update, as necessary, the project program, including key project goals, criteria, and requirements for the project.
  • Project Team Procurement: Procure and lead in the contracting of all the necessary consultants and designers to complete the design, get all necessary city approvals/permits, and manage the construction administration during the construction period. Primary team members are anticipated to be made up of the following consultants: Architect, Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Plumbing Engineer, Structural Engineer, Code Consultant, Surveyor, Geotechnical consultant, FF&E/OS&E Purchasing Agent. (Please note, this list is not comprehensive of the entire project team)
  • Develop a scope of services for each Project Team consultant hired directly by the Owner.
  • Develop a list of qualified team members and put together a bid package that defines the work to be completed.
  • Manage the qualification, solicitation, selection, and contracting process for the project team.
  • Assist in the review of the proposals and make recommendations for the primary candidates.
  • Establish a project delivery method that best fits the needs of the project.
  • Manage, bid, contract, and procure Owner supplied items including FFE/OSE/IT and any Owner supplied/Contractor installed items.
  • Manage the pre-construction activities of the General Contractor including finalization of the GMP and execution of the contract with the GC.
  • If existing consultants supporting the project currently are desired to be retained, then BSD would manage the negotiation and contracting of said consultants.

Develop Project Budget and Schedule: BSD will work with the Project Team to update and maintain a detailed Master Schedule and Master Budget.


  • Maintain a comprehensive Project Budget incorporating all project costs.
  • Track project costs during development in coordination with the ownership accounting department.
  • Develop and maintain comprehensive Project Development Schedule that covers all of the major components of the project including equity raise, financing, project budgeting, design, entitlement, and construction.

Capital Procurement Support


  • Provide supporting documents and review of equity/debt packages.
  • Participate in meetings/call with potential debt and outside equity investors to provide overview and details of the capitalization and execution plan of the development project.

Design Management: BSD will manage the entire design process from site and space planning to completed construction documents.


  • Evaluate plans during each stage of the design process to confirm the programmatic requirements are incorporated into the plans and make design suggestions to save the project money and maintain the overall project budget.
  • Regularly monitor progress of the design and track progress relative to the project schedule.
  • Proactively lead the Project Team when project issues arise that could impact the schedule or budget.
  • Manage and track the entitlement/permitting process for the city necessary to begin construction.

Construction Administration: BSD will manage the Project Team during the construction phase to facilitate the progression of the Project in accordance with the construction schedule and budget.


  • Manage all owner-related paperwork
  • Review invoices for progress payments for all design and construction services.
  • Provide any additional information and answer any questions from 3rd party lender inspectors as necessary.
  • Provide supporting documentation necessary for receiving any funding committed to the project.
  • Assist the owner in the administration of other owner-direct contracts to ensure those activities are coordinated with the project team.
  • Conduct quality control job walks weekly as the Project progresses and accompany the architect on all final job walks including Substantial Completion and Final Completion.
  • Assist the Owner in any administration of the loan/financial reporting requirements during the project.
  • Participate in all required Project Team meetings including the weekly Project Team meetings once construction is commenced to support the project and actively monitor the budget and schedule, and general quality of the work completed.